Walter Hazelrigg and Kathy Merk are a husband and wife team that are woodturning artists.  They have a passion for working with wood and have been doing this for over seven years.


Walter loves the endless possibilities of what can be made from wood and the intimate relationship that he has with the object he is creating.  Guiding the tool gives the freedom to create and watch an object take shape in front of his eyes.  He also likes to integrate other art forms into his woodturning including carving, pyrography and coloring.  Walter has served on the Board of Southern Piedmont Woodturners for the past four years.


Kathy is fascinated with wood and other art forms that she is working with.  She enjoys carving, piercing and pyrography. Kathy’s latest fascination has been with polymer clay and working with millefiori and other types of canes to create beautiful objects, some of which are incorporated into wood. She also served on the Board of Southern Piedmont Woodturners.


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